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Mental health issues that I address:

I serve individuals who are experiencing the following disorders (not all are listed)

  • Anxiety Disorders including Trauma Based

  • Mood Disorders including Bipolar Disorders and other Depressive Disorders

  • Behavioral and/or Attention Disorders

  • Adjustment Disorders/Phase of life difficulties

  • Severely and Persistently Mental Illness (schizophrenia, delusional, psychotic disorders)

  • Disorders of the personality

  • Memory Care Disorders including Alzheimer's and Dementia 

  • Substance Abuse Disorders

  • Childhood Disorders including Pervasive Development Disorders such as Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

I am a preferred provider with most major commercial insurance groups as well as Medicare and Nebraska Medicaid.  I also offer income based sliding fee scales for those who are in need.

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